Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans Audio Book

Time Travel Fun with Rush and the Pilgrims

Our children are RUSH babies. We have video of our first learning to crawl with Rush playing in the background. Hubby enjoys his humor and style and I enjoy the fact that people listen to him who would normally only get a few minutes of mainstream news a day. Our children have actually grown up […]

FoodSaver Tips And Giveaway-Nov.10th-16th, 2014 by

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to join Food Storage Moms in offering our readers a FoodSaver. This would be a wonderful addition to the kitchen, especially if you have hunters in the family! We have some FoodSaver tips and giveaway today! Have you been wanting a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer? Well, today is a sponsored […]

Homeschool Legacy’s Once-a-Week Unit Studies -Native America

Homeschool Legacy Native America Unit Study

Homeschool Legacy and Once-a-Week Unit Studies were born from a passion to help families build a strong, Godly, family legacy. Though a happy, veteran, homeschool mom of 16 years, Sharon began this journey, like so many moms… reluctantly. As she researched the different learning styles and various homeschool methods, the unit study approach seemed the […]

Plan to Be Flexible: Designing A Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum Plan That Works for Your Family

Plan to Be Flexible Review

I love practicing flexibility in our homeschool. It hasn’t always been this way. I began as most, trying to make our school look like all I knew. I didn’t try to make it look like what I had, but more like the lovely one room school house scenes in Little House on the Prairie. I […]