Bible study Review – Christ in the Commandments

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Luke Gilkerson from Intoxicated on Life has written a wonderful Bible Study on Christ in the Commandments.  He and his wife, Trisha, are also offering workbooks and scripture memory cards to go with the study.  (Links are in the ebook and on the site.) This Bible Study is a very user friendly and extensive guide to The Ten Commandments.  Why is it important to learn, memorize, and study the Ten Commandments?  You will not only get an excellent answer; you will also receive clear plans that will help make these truths real and powerful in your family.  You will also learn how Christ followed and taught on them.  The introduction is great, the instructions thorough and flexible, and the content VERY engaging.

I Love reading out loud to my children.  Each chapter in this study gives a few opening questions to get the family thinking.  Then the scripture reading.  Then a wonderfully written story style explanation.  After the exciting story, there are discussion questions that will really get the children involved.  The closing prayers are Scripture based prayers, mostly from Psalm 119.  I love how Mr. Gilkerson has woven scripture from throughout the Bible into these lessons.  There are a perfect number of chapters for a simple one month study.  Additionally, with the workbooks and scripture cards, this could be a perfect one school year Bible curriculum.

For my Sabbath keeping friends:  This wonderful study does not teach any doctrine concerning which day of the week to worship.  It does lay out the wonderful purpose for Sabbath rest.  It is “safe” without compromising Biblical truth.  I definitely recommend it to ALL my friends!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Bible Study! We really appreciate you taking the time to look at it and share with your readers. :)

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